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Thematic Implications: Popularity Contest?

The only thing that really annoys me about One Tree Hill is that they make it seem like the only way that a person can have fun in high school is to be in the popular crowd. It ultimately comes … Continue reading

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Contextual Analysis: Insight into Important Quotes Throughout the Show

Lucas has two huge passions in his life; aside from basketball, his greatest passion is literature. One Tree Hill features quotes at the beginning of each episode. They are spoken by different characters, but most of the time by Lucas. Some of … Continue reading

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Episode 3 “Are You True?”: Close Reading

So many tangled relationships and it’s only the third episode! In this episode titled, “Are You True?”,  Nathan is growing even more frustrated with Lucas’s growing popularity among the team and the school. Some of the more bitter team members … Continue reading

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Episode 2 “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most”: Close Reading

Lucas may have won the one-on-one battle with his half brother Nathan in the last episode, but that doesn’t mean that he is going to have an easy time from now on. In Lucas’s first basketball game with the team, … Continue reading

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Episode 1: Close Reading

The first episode of One Tree Hill, begins with a hodgepodge of events.  As the camera follows high school junior, Lucas Scott, dribbling his basketball down the street, he is almost hit by Peyton’s car. Peyton is one of the … Continue reading

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One Tree Hill is more than just a show. OTH has been associated with a generation. It has been associated with people emotionally and psychologically, and it has helped shaped lives and makes people realize how important the little things … Continue reading

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