Reflective Writer’s Letter

This blogging project was assigned to us to make us analyze a text that was interesting to us, and I think that it was successful because it has made me have more personal identity in my writing. First of all, I really liked that we could pick any topic that we wanted to and write a whole blog about it. Second, I think that it really made writing easier because I was able to talk about a subject that I knew very well. Overall, I believe that this project has taught me more about analytical writing than any other assignment because I was able to dissect a text that I was truly interested in rather a topic I read briefly.

I started this blog not really knowing what to expect. I had previous experience with blogging in my English 111 class, but nothing to this extent. I had a couple ideas of what I was going to do it on, and I knew I wanted to do some sort of television show. I was deciding between One Tree Hill or Lost, and I knew that I have watched the One Tree Hill series way more than the Lost series so that was one of the main reasons I chose it. I also chose it because I could really relate to the characters. I felt like I knew them because I had watched all the episodes plus all of the reruns. They used to be apart of my daily routine; come home from school and watch One Tree Hill from 3-4pm. So writing these blog posts were almost no-brainers for me. At first, I couldn’t really decide on what kind of background for my blog I wanted. I went back and forth between a couple of themes. I really wanted to get the background just right because the background and the theme set the whole tone of the blog and how the reader is going to view my posts. I didn’t want a background that was too cluttered or too bright, so I went with a simple brown background, and a header that had a picture of a basketball hoop for the One Tree Hill(OTH) theme. I think that it makes the reader focus more on the text rather than the background, yet it still gets the point across that it is for OTH. After I finished with my theme, I wanted to get out my first post just so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute to do it. I started on my first close reading on the first episode. I could recall the first episode pretty clearly, so I just started typing and things started to flow. I wanted to summarize what the show really was, and what kind of audience it pertains to. The beginning of my post was kind of a summary, but then I decided to split the post into two; one “About” section and then my first “Close Reading”post. I think that this was more effective because it makes it easier for people to understand what the show is really about. I even went to make a page at the top of my blog for the “About” section so it would be easy to find.

My first post was easier than I thought it was going to be. I introduced all of the characters in the first paragraph, and then in the second paragraph I started to explain all of the interesting relationships that were going on in the first episode. The next day in class, I fixed a lot of things in my previous post and started to make my second one. This post was going to be a close reading on the second episode. I started the post kind of where I left off from my first one, but in this post I really wanted to emphasize Lucas’s relationship with his mother and how it is straining because he is joining basketball. I also think that this post goes a little bit deeper into each character and analyzes how they got to be who they are. I put a picture of Lucas and his mother because it really shows their relationship and how open they are with one another. That is a very important thing in their relationship. My third post is about the third episode of OTH and it explains how “tangled” the relationships are between all of the characters already. I thought that adding all of the different things going on would help make the readers more interested. I also wanted to foreshadow the some of the other parts of the first season, like in the second paragraph when I said that Haley and Nathan were leading to some sort of relationship. I wanted to show a bit of the first season, so I found a Youtube video that sums up the season perfectly.

After having a couple days break from blogging, I was thinking how I would do my contextual analysis. I knew I wanted to incorporate all of Lucas’s quotes into my blog somehow, and thought that this post would be the perfect opportunity. I wanted to give an insight into Lucas’s character even further, and show that one of his passions was literature. I put a page of his quotes at the top of the blog so that viewers could take a look at all of the different authors that he quoted. I wanted to show more of the historical meaning behind the quotes and how they relate to the character’s lives in the show. Each show would start off with a quote and I thought it was very significant. For my thematic implications post, I really wasn’t sure what my topic would cover. But the more that I thought about it, the more I realized how they favor the “popular” kids. They seemed to get all of the things that they wanted, and yet they still had all of this drama in their lives. I thought that it was very interesting so I wanted to do my thematic implications on how the show treated popularity vs individualism, or more specifically, “individualism vs society”. I wanted to take this time to take a look at Peyton and her character, because she was one of my favorite characters, and also one of the more complex ones. I thought that it would be cool to show her artwork and how dark it could sometimes be. She would almost mock her cheerleader life, and yet she stayed one. I decided to put a page at the top of my blog to show some of this artwork that is a recurring theme in OTH. One last thing that I wanted to do for my blog was put a page to show the intro to season one. I think that they song singing “I don’t want to be anything other than me,” explains how even though their lives change, they will always be the same people. It also shows their personalities, because no matter how much I write about them, the reader can never really understand the character’s fully without seeing how they act. Even though the intro is brief, if a person were to guess who the characters were, they would probably get them right.

This project has made me more interested in finding things in other texts to analyze. I realized that there will always be some underlying message in texts, and it is almost fun to try and figure out what it is. I hope that viewers are interested in my posts as much as I was interested in writing them.


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